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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA


Quality Policy

“Keeping quality as our utmost priority, we at Sun Mark Stainless Private Limited hereby declare to comply in strict adherence to all accredited National and International standards by implementing proven and state of the art technology, and best in class equipment. Sun Mark team members are dedicated and fully trained and strive for continuous improvement in our systems and processes, giving equal importance to health, safety and environment.”

Quality that inspires customer confidence

Quality is given of the utmost importance in our Company because our entire Team believes our survival depends on it. We’ve successfully implemented proven quality management practices at every step of our manufacturing processes which enables us to provide our valued customers with superior products and services. Such dedication is the hallmark of the Sun Mark Quality Assurance plan.

Testing Facilities

  1. Quality & Testing equipments include
  2. Mechanical Testing & chemical testing
  3. Sepctrometer
  4. PMI (Positive Metal Identification) tester for mix-up control and traceability
  5. Hydro testing – For pipes & tubes done at 2500 Psi and above
  6. Micro-scope with image analyzer for micro-structive test & analysis
  7. Air under water testing
  8. universal testing machine
  9. Digital hardness tester
  10. IGC PR.A.B.C & E as per ASTM A 262
  11. Eddy current testing